I promised pictures…

Stone Monks in Cambridge

Sometimes the wind blows just right.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. I’m not sure why.

Stop all the clocks
[side note: you can buy a print of this from my deviantart if you like]

Fan Vaulting

English Gardens

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Five things I did this summer

The school year has just started and I just realized that I hadn’t posted to this blog in ages. So this is my “What Did You Do Over the Summer” essay. Continue reading

Weather Forecast: Unpredictable

Last week Mother Nature decided to confuse us all by starting the week out looking like this:

Wintry Mix by ~apply26 on deviantART

and ending it with this:

Off Kilter by ~apply26 on deviantART

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High Self Esteem…

Right, read the article first or this blog post will make little to no sense.


Finished? Ok.

All the following comments are my own personal views. Seriously, you don’t have to agree with me. I respect that. Continue reading

The Things To Do With Sharpies…

Solar Clash

Sharpie Doodle

Another Sharpie Doodle

Sharpies are like the best things ever. Basically, what I use them for is making my own crazy coloring books. Step 1: take black sharpie and draw geometric shapes/flowery things. Step 2: color in the geometric shapes/flowery things. Step 3: ta dah!

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Five Movies to Watch When You have Asian Parents (Or Just In General)

Once again in no particular order, I have a list. This one, as the title implies, is about Asian Parents. One thing I learned from my social psychology class was Asian parenting actually is different from Western parenting and that their children obsess over that difference just a little. There are a crazy number of studies that deal with Asian parenting. Just check out the PsychINFO database. This obsession extends to the films that Asian kids make, it really does. If literature and film are a way for people to work out their issues, Asian kids have issues in spades.

Here are some of my personal favourites. Notice how they’re all comedies. I think that means something, but I’m not sure what. Anyway, onward, upward, and all that. Continue reading

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Misc Photographs

I got gifted a camera so I went out a took some pictures…

Silver Plant


Continue reading

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Downton Series 3!


On that rather ominous note I begin my fangirling.

Ahhhhh! Downton! Continue reading

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Guess what, guys. I went to the library yesterday. Continue reading

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